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Become a Participating Merchant

Congratulations!  If you’re here, you understand the value of participating in such a beneficial program for your business.

In today’s economic climate, every business is evaluating its marketing expenses and the overall bottom line. Every business is asking, where can I get the most bang for my buck? And what every business needs to know is that their 2012 solution lies with the Gwinnett Chamber.

The Gwinnett Chamber is excited to offer local businesses the opportunity to minimize marketing costs, support local charities and maximize their bottom line all with a single solution – the SHOP IN GWINNETT program.

The SHOP IN GWINNETT program encourages people to shop local when choosing a merchant for the products or services they need.  This leads to higher foot traffic through your door, which ultimately results in new business and customer loyalty.

Enrollment Benefits:

  • Drive consumer foot-traffic directly to your door
  • Make every card-holding consumer aware of everything your business has to offer
  • Encourage consumers to consider you over your competition when making buying decisions with automatic credibility through a program attached to your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Maximize your exposure to your target market for less than $20 per month
  • Heighten awareness online and in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) with listings on multiple heavily-trafficked websites

Enrollment Needs:

Now that you are ready to enroll, here’s how:

  • Provide a 50-word description about your business to share your message.
  • Offer an exciting discount of your choice, to entice new and returning customers (with the flexibility to change your offer)
  • List your business on the “SHOP IN GWINNETT” website to ensure that card holding consumers find you as they search (includes; business name, address, web, telephone and directions.)
  • Display a colorful “SHOP IN GWINNETT” window cling to clearly identify your business as a participating business to cardholders.


Make sure your business is listed, so when cardholders search…they find YOU!

For more information or to enroll, call us at 770-232-3000, or complete this form and we’ll contact you.  There is no obligation.

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